How to protect your content from being copied

Do you have a PDF file you need for the lesson, but you don’t want students to download it? We suggest uploading it to the platform in Google Docs format.

To do this, you will need to:

1)Convert your PDF file to JPG format. Download the archive and unpack it into a folder convenient for you.

convert file

The converter will number the images according to the page order in your PDF file.

2) Open Google Docs, create  an empty file. Select all the images in your folder and drag them to the document.

creating an empty document

Check whether the sequence of images is correct.

3) Drag every image onto a separate page and create an indentation between them. To do this, set the left and right margins for the entire page width, set the Center alignment.

file editing

In the upper right corner of the panel, click on the Image parameters for each particular image, open the Size and rotation tab on the right, and tick the Save aspect ratio. Increase the width in percentage terms until the image takes up the whole page.

file editing

To create an indentation between pages for each particular image, at the top of the panel, set the Border width – 2pt, the Border color – White.

file editing

To upload a file to the platform, you should click on the Google Docs icon in the Add lesson section, enter the name and the address of your document in the Source field.

creating a Google Docs lesson

Important! Only Google Docs can be imported. If the file doesn’t open or returns an error, check whether it can be accessed  via a link. After editing it, be sure to click on the Create button.

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