On-premise installation requirements

How does the box version of the platform is implemented?

The program will be installed on the client’s server. There are two options:

  1. The Client has physical control over the server.
  2. The client rents a server in the data center on his own.

To install the program, you will need to provide us with ssh access to the server (root). Installation is performed in a day (3-4 hours, probably more), including complete server configuration, installation of the required software, its customization, and deployment of the platform from the repository. After completing the installation, we provide you with the username and password to the administrator account in the installed system.

Server requirements:

  • 2-core 2GHz processor or better,
  • 4Gb RAM or better,
  • at least 60Gb of free space for the program,
  • 100 Mbit/s channel,
  • Ports 22, 80, 443 must be open.
  • CentOS (64 bit) operating system,
  • root access.

When installing the application, you will have an opportunity to configure your domain address. In this case, you need to tell us this address and add A-record in advance to the DNS resource record to the IP address of the server where the program is installed to. Or delegate the domain to the data center NS, where this server is situated (should you have any difficulties, we will help you to configure it).

To use the platform on the Internet, you will need any computer with the Internet connection.

How is the box version of the platform updated? Will the existing content be affected?

Updates will be performed using a similar implementation procedure. To install any updates, you are to provide root access to the server usinf ssh (IP + username and password, or IP + access using RSA keys).

The existing content can’t be affected, since it is isolated from the program code. For additional security, the platform and content are backed up before installing any updates; thus, if something goes wrong, the latest working version can always be recovered from the backup.

What should a client provide/secure to implement the box version of the platform?

A client is to pay for licenses, provide access to a dedicated server, and a domain name (if available).

How to teach users to use the platform?

The client is provided with instructions on how to work in the system for each of the roles.

How is technical support provided? How soon will it react?

Crucial issues are solved by calling the technical support hotline. Standard ones are sent to support@unicraft.org email address. We will respond within 4 hours.

In the first year from the date of installation, technical support and platform updates are included in the tariff. Starting from the second year, the cost of technical support and updates is 20% of the cost of the on-premise version.

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